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Clean and Simple – XP Markets Trading Platform

XP Markets trading platform is clean and simple

All brokers should aim for a user friendly, easy to use interface between themselves and their customers.  XP Markets achieve this in ‘spades’. You can even tailor your screen to suite the way you want to work.  You can have multiple assets showing together, or the more traditional approach which they call their ‘classic’ screen. (see below)

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XP Markets Classic Screen View

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XP Markets Multi-screen View

XP Markets were founded in 2008 and their headquarters is in north London along the Finchley Road.

The XP Market’s trading platform comes from Tradologic, a company whose technology is geared specifically for the purpose of binary trading. It is one of the most comprehensive multi-lingual, international financial platforms available for the internet and mobile phones.  The XP Markets implementation of their platform currently operates in English, French and Chinese.

The platform is web-based, with no need for you to download any software applications. This enables you to trade and play from any computer or cell phone. You can trade multiple assets with advanced real-time charting and multiple view options, 24 hours a day.

Opening an XP Markets Account (go here)

The minimum deposit needed before you start trading is $200 and, unlike some other brokers, XP Markets will, for now, only take US dollars.  You can use bank transfer, credit or debit card to place your funds.  Whilst a $200 deposit is not unusual in this market it should be noted that the minimum size of a trade is as low as $5, which is unusual, not all brokers allow this.

A trading bonus is automatically added to your trading account once it’s opened. If you do not want the bonus you’ll need to contact customer support to ask not to get a trading bonus; by accepting the bonus, you’re deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions attached to trading bonus.

Features of the XP Markets Platform

XP Markets Demo account

XP Markets put a lot of effort into training and educating their customers. The free demo account is one of the best features which this broker offers its traders. However, customers can only receive the demo once they deposit $200 into their trading accounts.


A nice feature, especially for new binary option traders, is XP Market’s simulator on the home screen that helps you understand what the different types of binary options are – digital, range, or touch.

To see the simulator in action click here:  XP_Markets_Simulator

XP Markets eBook

Traders typically conduct technical and fundamental analysis before predicting the direction that the asset will move. If you want to learn how to conduct a basic analysis before making your first trade, you can read about how to conduct basic technical and fundamental analysis in the XP Markets E-Book which is given to you when you open your account.

Other good XP Market features

Close Now (similar to stop loss)

Close Now enables traders to buy an option before the time of expiration. This could be helpful if you believe that your option is not performing as you expected and the asset you chose is not moving in the direction you predicted. For example, if you bought a one hour Call option on gold, and after 50 minutes you see that gold is steadily increasing, you could buy the option before the time of expiration to insure that you’ll lock in a profit. On the other hand, if the price of gold started to decrease, you could buy out the option before the time of expiration to minimize your risk.

Extend (Roll over)

XP Markets’s unique roll over feature enables you to extend the expiration date of an option so that you can be sure that your option will be in-the-money. For example, if you purchased a one hour Put option on gold, and five minutes before the time of expiration you notice that the price of gold has still not decreased like you anticipated, for a one time fee you could extend the time of expiration to give the option the opportunity to be in-the-money.

Summary of XP Market’s platform

One of the forerunners in the binary options marketplace this broker has not lost its focus on customer service and user friendliness.  It still remains one of the ‘cleanest’ platforms to trade with and their support is reckoned to be first class.

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